A Tribute to "I Spy" and its fandom

Wonderfulness: an "I Spy" Community
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This is YOUR community, created by leviathan0999 as a fanservice (not THAT kind of fanservice! Get your mind out of the gutter) so that I Spy fans can have an LJ-comm all our very own. With that in mind, please do post any and all of the following:

-discussion topics

-episode reviews


-fic, fic, fic: slash, gen, het and anything else your little heart desires (A request, not a command: if your fics are archived/posted on a site other than the Archive Of Our Own (AO3) or fanfiction.net, it would be nice if you could please post to the comm., instead of linking. As we've all discovered, to our chagrin, links break, pages die, etc., etc.).

-Lurking is fine, but readers are encouraged (pretty please with a big red berry on top) to comment on fic and on posts – it encourages people to create more and generally keep the love alive!

-what have we missed?

Eventually, I (sarahenany) hope to compile a comprehensive list of I Spy fan fiction online, perhaps even an annotated bibliography. Anyone interested, drop me a PM.

If there's anything that we've missed – ADD IT!