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jlentz1953 in i_spy_fandom

Fanfiction search

I don't know if this is the correct place to ask this, but I'm going to give it a try.

Is is there any fanfic out there, preferably gen but I'm not picky, that covers the rescue or escape between the first scene in A Room With A Rack and when Scotty wakes Kelly up when he's having the nightmare?

Also, I'm reasonably new to the fandom and I was wondering where the best site is to find fanfic.



I am so glad you asked, because I sure would like to read that story myself!
It does sound like something that should be written if it hasn't been yet, doesn't it? Wish I was the creative type but I'm an accountant and creativity is frowned on in that line of work.
Not exactly what you asked for but I did a fic on that ep that sort of deals with the rescue:
(Totally sorry for self-promoting)

And if you click on the fandom link you'll find lots of amazing fanfiction there by many talented writers. (:
Thanks so much for the rec. I just read it and it is wonderful. I can just see Scotty staying with Kelly but being afraid to touch him. Beautiful story.

One thing I have noticed is that there doesn't seem to be a lot of long stories or novels for I Spy. I have followed The X Files and Starsky and Hutch and there are a lot of novel length stories. I'm guessing that is because those fandom are larger and have more fanfic in general. It's a shame more folks haven't discovered I Spy. It is a terrific show.
You're welcome! And thank you so very much! (:

Yeah, I think most stories seem to be fairly short. I don't write and read very little long fiction but it's super hard to find anything longer than a one-shot in a smaller fandom. Definitely! I wish more people would watch and love it.
Uh, I'm a little late... never mind, I read one story which deals with "Room With a Rack", it is "Sexual Healing" by sarahenany. It's a wonderful h/c threesome, with a lot of banter and fun, and *very* deep feelings. One of my favourites!


You were asking for long stories: one of my favourites is "He Travels Fastest" by dorinda:


It is a continuation of "Father Abraham".
Thanks so much for the Sexual Healing story. That was truly incredible. I had read Travels Fastest and it toois remarkable.