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Some Silliness

The only purpose of my posting is to have fun... there are silly and funny and weird scenes. Enjoy it!

Kelly (original line): "This is Dr. Laurel. I'm his assistant Dr. Hardy."
I Spy Silliness01

I Spy Silliness02

I Spy Silliness03

I Spy Silliness04

I Spy Silliness05

I Spy Silliness06

"Oh darling I will be late tonight. Cos&Culp are talking too much."
I Spy Silliness07

I Spy Silliness08

The only way for a woman to get a hold on Kelly
I Spy Silliness09

I Spy Silliness10

I Spy Silliness11

"As I said: George, Abe and me..."
I Spy Silliness12

I Spy Silliness13

Scotty's new handbag!
I Spy Silliness14

I couldn't resist and added a line...
I Spy Silliness15

I Spy Silliness16

I Spy Silliness17

Original line: "The only thing that works around here is a yell for help."
I Spy Silliness18

I Spy Silliness19

Never get between a man and his shoes...
I Spy Silliness20

I didn't do it on purpose back then but later I discovered it looks like Kelly has a candle on his head. 
I Spy Silliness21

The lion doesn't sleep tonight...
I Spy Silliness22

Kelly doing the Laurel&Hardy routine again
I Spy Silliness23

I Spy Silliness24

Kelly is filing his nails all the time they are talking
I Spy Silliness25

I Spy Silliness26

I Spy Silliness27

It's quitting time!
I Spy Silliness28

Original line: "This is wonderful now so far, we have a baby."
I Spy Silliness29

I Spy Silliness30

I Spy Silliness31

I Spy Silliness32

I Spy Silliness33

Well done, Hoby!
I Spy Silliness34

Ms. Chicken Pox
I Spy Silliness35

"There is no camera, Bill."
I Spy Silliness36

It isn't what it looks like
I Spy Silliness37

I Spy Silliness38

Original line Scotty (with a toothbrush in his mouth): "You can't put a black joker on a red jack." Kelly: "Do I tell you how to brush your teeth?"
I Spy Silliness39
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