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potztausend in i_spy_fandom

Some Silliness

The only purpose of my posting is to have fun... there are silly and funny and weird scenes. Enjoy it!

Kelly (original line): "This is Dr. Laurel. I'm his assistant Dr. Hardy."
I Spy Silliness01

I Spy Silliness02

I Spy Silliness03

I Spy Silliness04

I Spy Silliness05

I Spy Silliness06

"Oh darling I will be late tonight. Cos&Culp are talking too much."
I Spy Silliness07

I Spy Silliness08

The only way for a woman to get a hold on Kelly
I Spy Silliness09

I Spy Silliness10

I Spy Silliness11

"As I said: George, Abe and me..."
I Spy Silliness12

I Spy Silliness13

Scotty's new handbag!
I Spy Silliness14

I couldn't resist and added a line...
I Spy Silliness15

I Spy Silliness16

I Spy Silliness17

Original line: "The only thing that works around here is a yell for help."
I Spy Silliness18

I Spy Silliness19

Never get between a man and his shoes...
I Spy Silliness20

I didn't do it on purpose back then but later I discovered it looks like Kelly has a candle on his head. 
I Spy Silliness21

The lion doesn't sleep tonight...
I Spy Silliness22

Kelly doing the Laurel&Hardy routine again
I Spy Silliness23

I Spy Silliness24

Kelly is filing his nails all the time they are talking
I Spy Silliness25

I Spy Silliness26

I Spy Silliness27

It's quitting time!
I Spy Silliness28

Original line: "This is wonderful now so far, we have a baby."
I Spy Silliness29

I Spy Silliness30

I Spy Silliness31

I Spy Silliness32

I Spy Silliness33

Well done, Hoby!
I Spy Silliness34

Ms. Chicken Pox
I Spy Silliness35

"There is no camera, Bill."
I Spy Silliness36

It isn't what it looks like
I Spy Silliness37

I Spy Silliness38

Original line Scotty (with a toothbrush in his mouth): "You can't put a black joker on a red jack." Kelly: "Do I tell you how to brush your teeth?"
I Spy Silliness39


heehee--all are fun, but I love the one of Scotty with a tray on his head.
He looks really serious with the plate ;-)
Those are hilarious screencaps. Applause!
I'm really glad you like them, thanks!
*grins* Delightful post!
Always at your service ;-)
Wow! That's funny! :-)

The only way for a woman to get a hold on Kelly.

Thank you for your hard work!
I did the hard work some months ago... now I haven't got much time. It's hard to like two fandoms *sighs*
It's so funny how individual screen caps look different when taken as a single snapshot. You see things you woulnd't see in the episode. I laughed over several of these, esp. the candle on Kelly's head. He does have a candle on his head! LOL! Well, sort of... Thanks.

(I like the one where you added the Klingon line...)
"You see things you wouldn't see in the episode"... Oh yes, and the perfect example is the second pic. I would have seen nothing if I wouldn't have used slow motion. A fight is always very fast, and sometimes I'm lucky and there is a tiny funny moment of immobility, and sometimes there isn't.

Erm... a Klingon line? *looks stunned* I like Star Trek, but the Klingons have too much interest in blood and honor for me. I think the Ferengis are much more entertaining ;-). Which line did you think of?

Edit: do you mean the "Killing not allowed" line?

Edited at 2012-09-24 07:17 pm (UTC)
Oh! I see that now! It was funny with Klingon not allowed! *bg* God only knows what I was reading. My eyeballs say something entirely different. LOL! You made me giggle again.
:D :D That was cute!
Funny as always!
Great pics!
Thanks, I'm glad you liked them.

The funny thing is that some people, who only know my pics but don't know the episodes will never hear about all the hurting situations, death of beloved people, violence, difficult emotional situations, dark moods... that's all in "I Spy", but I don't post much of it...
I'm glad you like them (I like them too *g*)
Erm... well... why on earth did I answer you two times? *scratched head* I think you were still in my messages box with your comment and I didn't delete it after answering you..

Stupidly I wrote the same sentence in my second answer... that's not an indication for creativity. Hrmpf.
Heh! Oh these are fun!!

I'm sure photo 2 is from the Spy's Manual - Technique #16: How to look super cool while liquidating someone. :D

I can't believe there's a logical explanation for Cos' white shirt caper..or the plate-on-head routine! XD

That brown handbag does kind of soften the lethal karate-guy image doesn't it. :D

OMG! That second Laurel photo is absolutely spot on!

I like that image of the priests/monks in the hot sports car. *snort*

Oh and I really like that shot of the figure with the gun and the bed. There's something about the placement of the figure, the direction of movement and the repeated flowing lines around the gun, bed rails and man that's quite lovely.
I am really proud of the second pic because it was a very fast fighting scene and I was nearly sweating blood with a click each micro-second *moans*, until the faces were sharp.
(Your explanation is certainly much more entertaining ;-)

You mean the white shirt in the 3rd pic I think - it's looks really ridiculous, but it's a shirt for a dinner jacket. The shirt has to be closed on his back and the sleeves were rolled up.

I vaguely remember the plate on the head has something to do with Scotty's mother.

They made the Oliver-Hardy-tie-waggling scene too in one episode.

The "figure with the weapon and the bed" is Mr. Cool Spy himself *g*. He wants to play around a bit cowboy-like, and fails completely. Scotty is very amused.

Btw: Scotty (=Cosby) called Kelly (=Culp) in some scenes "Hoby". Robert Culp played in a Western series shortly before he started "I Spy", and his name in the series was "Hoby"...

White shirt in action:

I Spy Hemd
These are... wow. yes, the second Laurel picture is... OMG. Culp really was an actor whom I wish I could have seen in more roles. You're wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing these.
And I hear you about having too many fandoms... :(
It was such a lot of fun to choose the pics for this posting ;-).

Uh, I think I wrote "two fandoms" ;-). That's not too much. The problem is I am posting every Friday the Professionals "Friday Lads" with screencaps from one episode.

That takes several hours a week and currently I'm trying to screencap them in advance because I promised myself at least one I Spy vid this year. I still have to learn everything about vidding so it will take a bit of time *looks at the calendar*