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Pros Playing

potztausend in i_spy_fandom


I found different animals in the episodes, funny ones, some tragic and some really bad. Enjoy!

"An American Empress" ... I didn't know she looks *that* interesting ;-)

Two scenes from "Court of the Lion" blending into one another (a butterfly and the scene with Scotty carrying the dead woman and Kelly and the other agent following on the beach)

Green parrot: "Oops, I nearly killed your partner. Sorry."

"An American Empress"

Kelly and Scotty need a big female dog (don't ask why, it's complicated). They get this one.
Original line Kelly: "What do you expect from a blind date?"

It's from "Will The Real Good Guys Please Stand Up"

Some Bad Guys...

... and the other one.

See it? A dog licking a King. The actor was stifling a smile after that...

Dead imitations of bulls - as dead as the bulls at the end of a Spanish bullfight... :-(

Who said it that children and animals were a guarantee of success? Certainly it was a great episode *g*

It's only a feathery part of a chicken - hidden in a pillow (sorry, I just like that pic *g*) 

Uh, a little too much of pics with dead animals - now a search pic: it's Kelly with some sheeps (I like this one, but we already had a similar scene in the third pic)

"Tatia Loring" (Do I hear someone asking which of them she is??)

I would have liked it if Scotty had the white and Kelly the black one ;-)

"The Spy Business"

Unlucky Kelly: always going astray with a chick...

See how close they are ;-) - Sadly Scotty doesn't get a hold on Kelly's bare skin but only on his jacket.

And now Ladies - Professor Scott delivering a speech for the past International Women's Day (original line): "Inside a chick-en beats the heart of an eagle!"


What a wonderful post! (I had to scroll quickly past the snakes, though.)
I don't think the snakes are *really* important for I Spy *g*, so I'm glad you liked it.