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potztausend in i_spy_fandom

For Christmas: I Spy Domestic

It was a little bit hard to select the screencaps - there are many tender or funny domestic scenes. Still not everyone of these pics is nice and cosy, sometimes family means hurt and sorrow, too.

Most screencaps are without a comment - of course there are a few where I couldn't resist quoting *g*.

The last screencap doesn't *show* anything in the picture, instead Kelly tells Scotty in an indirect way: home is where your heart is.

I wish everyone who reads my post a Merry Christmas, or if you believe in something else which I am not familiar with, the appropriate wishing. Have some relaxing days, too ;-).

Kelly's original line: "It comes off when you lick it."

Kelly's original line: "You've got a good face. I see dignity, depth and a spiritual quality."

Kelly: "Just so I can get it straight for myself and understand it completely: are you laying this on me?"
Scotty: "Well, if the sheep skin fits, wear it." 

Talking to their mom...

Scotty is back from vacation, he is lying in his hotel bed and pretends to sleep. Kelly enters the room and notices Scotty is back. He says: "Hey Joe, what're you doing? Welcome home."


Best Christmas gift, ever!

That's not a comment on my pathetic Christmases, but rather on the wonderfulness of this collection! :-)

I am so glad you like it!
Hey! go read this:


it's a gift for sarahenany, but we can all enjoy it!
Who is "Anonymous"? (erm... that's a silly question: if someone calls herself in that way, she doesn't want to be revealed *g*)

There's one little problem: I don't understand the ending ;-). I understood that Kelly wants to end his spy existence (not only because of his knee, but because he doesn't want to end as a hard, disillusioned man like those others). I understood that the tennis game was a fake and Scotty arranged it. I understood Scotty would do that again.

So if (*if*) I am right until now, why does Scotty ask whether Kelly is sure Scotty would do it again? What can't Scotty help to do again? What should Kelly not forget?

I think, everything is about whether they are going out together, but I don't know it at all, and I don't find something about it.

It's a *very* well written story, so intense, and I saw both Scotty and Kelly in my mind's eye at once. Like Sarah wrote in her comment: "the bar in this fandom is set so high". I don't know any bad written story in I Spy, every story is at least above average (erm... I didn't read the pure het-stories, so I can't say anything about them *g*).

I have read really many "Professionals" and "Starsky & Hutch" stories until now, occasionally some "Arthur of the Britons" and "Alias Smith and Jones", and in all those fandoms are apart from good written stories also average or below average stories. I never found them in I Spy.

Usually I like pre-slash or slash. I Spy is the only fandom in which I read gen, too ;-).

Thank you very much for this link.
It's by "Anonymous" because it's part of a fic-gift exchange called "Yuletide" that has become an annual event. The rules are all too complicated for me, but I know that the stories are 'revealed' on 25 December; then the authors get revealed some days later.

As to the ending: don't feel bad; even a reader fluent in English must read between the lines, but I *think* Scotty is admitting that he did what he did because he loves Kelly and needs him ... the line "this whole thing, it wasn't just about what Kelly needed" ... So, Scotty has problems, because he's in love with his partner, and that's why he won't be jumping up to finish the assignment without Kelly.

I *think*. So ... perhaps now you will enjoy it even more?

I agree that most fandoms include some average and below average fics (poor Starsky & Hutch!), and the only good thing about I Spy being such a teeny tiny fandom is that people don't write it on a whim. I could point you to one or two not-so-great stories in I Spy, but there is no point.

Glad you liked this story!
Yeah, I read the same thing in there. I somehow bollixed up the answer to B's question and posted it a few lines down, after a later post, but yes - that line, "Then you know I got problems" - it's that he loves Kelly more than is good for him, really, all things considered.
I totally want me some get-Scotty, now.
I read your comment once and have to read the story all over again... see you soon *g*


Really, just *hugs* - and notice how Scotty, after his indirect 'confession', sounds "ashamed"? That's just... D'awwwwwww. (And more evidence that it was a confession of love.)
I knew about "Yuletide" since I started to read in LJ and thought back then it was just some kind of winter challenge in many fandoms.

But now I am a much wiser woman ;-) and know it's a fic-gift exchange. I already saw some entries in which someone had a wish for Yuletide, and it's much more clear to me. Thanks.

I wander off reading the story again, and with your and Sarah's help I'm sure I will enjoy it much more! Thanks.
Awwwww what a delightful Christmas present to wake up to! :D So domestic and intimate, glimpses of a life lived together, the good and the bad, the joy and the pain and the joking and the serious. Plus that last one, so right: welcome home. Where the other is, where the heart is.

Thank you so much for doing this!
"...For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health...". It was a real joy for me to collect them.

I think my next posting will be a little bit more prosaic, after all those hand-touching and domestic screencaps *g*.

Since it's my fault...

...Okay, Brigitte, I am going to explain! :)

Actually, it was someone else who wrote that the bar in this fandom is set so high - I wrote the other squeeing comments.

Let me explain, schatz (is that right?). This story is part of a fic-exchange challenge called "Yuletide" (as I explained in a post I just made to the comm) = you write a fic for someone, but they don't know who it is until January 1st (they call it "the reveal".) In my request, I said that I preferred a happy-ever-after-together ending, but gen or pre-slash. (I have a problem with romantic relationships, because they can end, there is jealousy and ugliness - to me, being friends is the real forever. Just in case you wanted to know the reason.) So, I think the author would have written slash, but kept it just ambiguous enough to make it seem possible that the love is a friendship kind of love...

Also, I can understand how the conclusion would be very hard to understand, especially in a foreign language, because the writer really does this thing they do, which is to say everything without words so they read each other's minds, almost...

Let me take your questions one by one: "I understood that Kelly wants to end his spy existence (not only because of his knee, but because he doesn't want to end as a hard, disillusioned man like those others). I understood that the tennis game was a fake and Scotty arranged it. I understood Scotty would do that again."

So if (*if*) I am right until now..."

You are.

"...why does Scotty ask whether Kelly is sure Scotty would do it again? What can't Scotty help to do again?"

The line that will answer all of your questions, before I answer them, is "I love you."

I'll answer the second question first. Scotty can't help doing whatever he has to to protect Kelly. That includes lying to him, cheating on the tennis game, or even risking his life for him (like in "Mirrors".) He can't help protecting him because he loves him. And he would never live happy if Kelly was killed or hurt.

The first question, "why does Scotty ask whether Kelly is sure Scotty would do it again?"

It's his indirect way of asking Kelly is sure that Scotty needs him. If he's sure of how much Scotty loves him. How much Scotty would give up, would risk, for Kelly. Because he loves him. He's asking if Kelly is sure of that. If he knows.

What should Kelly not forget?

He should never forget that it isn't just him who needs Scotty. That Scotty needs him too. That Scotty protects him, not because he's his trainer or his partner, but because he would be terribly sad if anything ever happened to Kelly. He's saying, "I would do anything in the world for you, to make sure you are okay, because you are my happiness and my life." It's right there between the lines :) :) :)

"I think, everything is about whether they are going out together, but I don't know it at all, and I don't find something about it."

I don't know whether you mean "going out" like in the English sense of "going on a date", or "leaving the service together." Again, if you mean "leaving the service together", this would be hard for a non-English speaker. Scotty says that they are leaving the service when he says, "we'll let the spies handle it." This means that he is saying, "I am not a spy anymore." It's like if I said to you, "Don't run after the thief. Let the police handle it" (because you are not a policewoman). It doesn't say explicitly, but I think Scotty noticed that the knee injury was so bad that Kelly would have to leave the service, and of course, he will go with him because he loves him. He even literally 'supports' him with his body... ohhh, I'm going to faint again... :)

Re: Since it's my fault...

Now I know my "missing links":
I didn't understand the reason Scotty made the tennis game a fake was to protect Kelly.
I didn't think very much at all about the tennis game.
I didn't think about the meaning of "Let the spies handle it".

The only thing I understood was Kelly wanting and needing to leave his job, and thinking about losing Scotty.

It's a great story - so believable, these different layers of dialogue. I can imagine Scotty and Kelly talking just like that in an episode.

Your sentence "I don't know whether you mean "going out" like in the English sense of "going on a date"" made me laugh out loud *gg*. That's a really funny example that it is never enough to understand just the meaning of a word in a foreign language.

Some month ago I mixed up "pair" and "couple" because it's only one word ("Paar") for socks and married people in Germany ;-).

The most weird thing I ever managed was because I was too lazy to look up "gangplank". A long time ago I looked at an icon with this word and asked the woman who wrote a comment, if it has something in common with "gangbang" *blushes again thinking of it*

That's why I am *always* very glad if someone hints at a wrong expression I use - I mean that! The only way I am able to learn more is with other people showing me my mistakes. *Please* keep on doing this if you read one, schatz ;-).

Re: Since it's my fault...

Heheheeee! "Gangplank!" I can top that, though! A friend of mine once confused "blowtorch" with "blowjob" :D

and, yes, thanks for letting me know that my comment maybe helped you understand!!!

The protection was very important. It's important because Kelly insisted on denying his weakness in the beginning, and Scotty knew before Kelly that he wouldn't be able to go on. So he didn't waste time trying to convince him - he just took action. He would do anything for Kelly :&hearts:

But yes, really, that dialogue is very, very indirect. I mean, "Once they're gone to the airport and we can make a call, let the spies handle it from here." He's saying, "It's not our problem anymore. You and I are retiring, together."

Then: "Kelly chewed on that one for a long minute." It took him time to understand what Scotty was really saying. Then: "Alexander," he finally said, very firmly." And it's clear from him saying, "Alexander" - it's not usual for him to call Scotty "Alexander". It's like he's an adult and Scotty is a little kid again, and he's trying to say "very firmly" - "Don't be silly, you don't have to leave just because I'm leaving."

And then, Scotty's answer. "You will never," Scotty said. "Never. Be my mother." He means, "You can't tell me what to do with my own life", but to me, it has another meaning - 'you'll never be my mother because you're my hubby'!!! :D But, yeah, it's a way of saying, "You can't tell me what to do." Then Kelly says, "I'm not kidding." About what? He didn't say anything, but they always understand one another without words. He means, "I'm not kidding, I won't let you give up your job for me." And Scotty's answer is here: "Scotty's silence was stubborn, as hard and unyielding as the floor they lay on." He is saying, "I will never leave you. This will never change."

"Kelly squeezed his eyes tightly shut. "I can't, Scotty," he said in a rush. "I can't do that to you. Don't make me." I love this, because the most important word in that sentence is "that". I can't do "that" to you. What is "that"? It's never said directly, but it's very clear that they both understand what they're talking about. It's, leaving the service. Leaving the job. Giving up the business. To be with Kelly. And Scotty says "Damn right you can't." that means, "You can't make me leave the service, nobody can, so don't say that it's your fault. I only do what I want. I am doing this because I want to."

I could go on, but you get the idea. :&hearts:

Re: Since it's my fault...

Yes, I got the idea - but it's *always* nice to read so much about them ;-).

I forgot to write something about your wish to get a more pre-slash or gen-slash-friendly story than a pure slash-story.

It's a funny coincidence that the weekly "Spiegel" (= "mirror"), the most influential German magazine, some days ago wrote a very long article about people seeking for lifelong love. Sadly it isn't online yet (some of the online articles are translated into English).

They wrote about many studies, which had the following 5 conclusions as a result for a lifelong relationship. I thought about them at once while reading your comment:

- Couples are bound together much more by genuine friendship than by heart throbbing of the so called "great love"
- Having children is a relationship killer
- Opposites attract, but similar values bind together
- Long discussions about a relationship are not of any use
- Sex is overrated

Re: Since it's my fault...

Oh, sounds like our beautiful boys are "Der spiegel's" perfect couple!
Oh verd.... - ich wünschte nur es gäbe auch bei Bodie und Doyle solche Steilvorlagen!
Klasse Auswahl!
Besonders natürlich das der 'heiligen Familie'... ;-)
Lovely! Your screencaps never fail to delight. :)
I'm really glad you like them!
Ja, ich hatte die Heilige Familie zuerst irgendwo zwischen drin gehabt, und dann fiel es mir wie Schuppen von den Haaren, dass die nach oben gehört.

Vermutlich ist di größere Nüchternheit bei den Pros auch der Unterschied zwischen englischen und US-Serien, könnte ich mir vorstellen (bin mir aber nicht sicher, ob ich richtig liege).

Und nach diesen ganzen letzten Händchenhalt- und Heim-und-Herd-Schmonzetten werd ich das nächste Mal ein ganz nüchternes technisches Posting machen, damit die Erwartungen wieder etwas niedriger werden *g*.
Hee! My fandom sleeps in the same hotel room--always. All those pictures of them in bed or right next to each other in the beds.

Love Scotty ironing and the pic where they both have their fingers to their lips.
Oh. Oh you are so right, they both have their fingers to their lips in this scene... I only just realized it. I chose this pic originally because it looks like such a "normal" situation for a couple ;-).

Someone (Dorinda? I don't remember) had an icon with Scotty ironing and the words "Pumping Iron" on it *g*.
What a great set of pictures! I had no idea the pair of them were so close/slashy. Thanks for sharing.
To be honest - I didn't realize it either when I watched the first episodes in the 80s.

I made a big amount of screencaps in the last months, and I learned to watch and recognize more and more. It's such a small fandom... I think there are only about 200 stories, and it has just *one* vid until now. One. *sigh*

If you want some more close moments, maybe you are interested in the posting "I Spy Hand Touching":
Thank you, I'll take a look.
Wonderful collection! They are so lovely to look at :D
You are a wise and knowing woman, young lady!