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For Christmas: I Spy Domestic

It was a little bit hard to select the screencaps - there are many tender or funny domestic scenes. Still not everyone of these pics is nice and cosy, sometimes family means hurt and sorrow, too.

Most screencaps are without a comment - of course there are a few where I couldn't resist quoting *g*.

The last screencap doesn't *show* anything in the picture, instead Kelly tells Scotty in an indirect way: home is where your heart is.

I wish everyone who reads my post a Merry Christmas, or if you believe in something else which I am not familiar with, the appropriate wishing. Have some relaxing days, too ;-).

Kelly's original line: "It comes off when you lick it."

Kelly's original line: "You've got a good face. I see dignity, depth and a spiritual quality."

Kelly: "Just so I can get it straight for myself and understand it completely: are you laying this on me?"
Scotty: "Well, if the sheep skin fits, wear it." 

Talking to their mom...

Scotty is back from vacation, he is lying in his hotel bed and pretends to sleep. Kelly enters the room and notices Scotty is back. He says: "Hey Joe, what're you doing? Welcome home."
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