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dawnebeth in i_spy_fandom

Do you feel like we've lost Scotty and Kelly?

With all that has been revealed in the last couple years about Bill Cosby, do you feel like we've lost our favorite spies in the process, particularly Scotty?

I want to reclaim Kelly and Scotty--divorce them from the real life nastiness. I miss smart, gentle and incredibly loyal Alexander Scott and want to see more of flirty, funny and incredibly devoted Kelly Robinson. I want to see them on more cases. I want to talk about them more, and rewatch episodes!

Anyone else?


It's certainly difficult now. Sometimes you can divorce real life stuff about the actors from their characters, but this is tough. The show was great, the chemistry excellent, but is it enough to overcome what Cosby did for decades? I don't know at this point. :(
I have always preferred the characters over those who portray them--never wanted to meet the real life actors because the characters are ultimately who the people I want to see.

I plan to make a specific effort to watch an episode in the next couple days. To watch their joy with one another and purge anything else from my brain.
I hope you're successful. I'm not at that point yet, and may never be. It makes me sad that a show I loved is now on such shaky ground. Bill Cosby certainly fooled everybody. Wonder if he fooled Robert Culp, too, or did he know? >:(
I prefer not to think about the actors, and just focus on Kelly and Scotty. I watched Turnabout for Traitors last night, which was so powerful for me when I was in my mid-teens. I still enjoyed it alot, but it's a surprisingly light-weight, almost silly episode for one where Kelly is accused of being a traitor and stabbed!
Yeah, I feel funny about it too. On one hand, the characters should be able to stand alone. But I do think about it even when I see Scotty. It's sad!
I will watch Kelly and Scotty tonight or tomorrow and obliterate any other nastiness about some other person who looks a lot like Scotty from my brain.
Let us know how it goes! I miss the fellas. ♥

By a strange coincidence (before I saw your post), I just started watching the I Spy Returns movie. So far, there have been momentary flashes of the old verbal jazz, but mostly it makes me miss the brilliance of the original!
I remember that movie! Yeah, I was happy to see Kelly and Scotty, but it wasn't the original.

Watched Turnabout for Traitors last night, which made me want to watch more eps! Soon. The wonderfulness of their banter.
I miss them, too. It's a *very* long time that I watched one of the episodes, but I thought about them from time to time, and they (Kelly and Scotty, not the actors) never left my mind completely.
So I am very glad you posted this, thanks a lot!

I thought about posting something, I still have items lying around. I think I'll start again, perhaps with a more innocent theme. Have a nice day!

Thank you for this!

I was just thinking of telling one of my other friends, heron_pose on LJ, that Cos is not Scotty and never will be. Even with that era being shockingly cavalier about the way men were permitted to treat women, Scotty is a gentleman.
I kind of have a head start on you guys, and I'll tell you why. Decades before this crap came out, Cos had said in an interview how he and his wife, who had two or three girls at the time, were going to "keep trying" until they got a B-O-Y. This sickens me. It put me right off, so I decided right then and there that our Scotty - raised by a strong, resourceful mother, suffering from a father who was absent at best and abusive at worst, a polyglot with an eidetic memory, a freaking genius in more ways than you can count - is nothing like Cos, who just had the honor and privilege of representing him on screen. They have nothing to do with one another. Case closed.
I know it can be hard for some, though, to dismiss it so easily. Thoughts?

Re: Thank you for this!

I never knew the Cosby story about the importance of having sons - it's rather misogynic.

Re: Thank you for this!

Exactly. There have been other actors that I disapproved of their conduct or things they have done in their past, but I've still watched the show or movie. I think this is so raw for some people, but BC is not the soul of Scotty. He just looks like him.

We need so much more Scotty and Kelly! Love your description of him, particularly a polyglot with an eidetic memory, a freaking genius in more ways than you can count

I haven't had time to watch again, yet, but plan to soon and will post again. Let's revive this fandom!
please do post! I love the pictures and the themes!

The wonderfulness of your icon!