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jlentz1953 in i_spy_fandom

Jigsaw puzzle

I'm curious about what episode the jigsaw puzzle titled "Breathe" is a screen cap from.  I've seen every episode and I can't place it.  Any help is appreciated.



Can you post the picture you are asking about?
I would be happy to do that, but I don't know how. I found it by clicking on the jigsaw puzzle tag on this page and then clicking on "here" in the last post on that page.

That's the one. I can't figure out the episode.

I don't know the eps well enough to tell you. There is a page of screencaps if you want to go through all of them and see if it's there. I'd look for Scotty's jacket unless he wore it in more than one ep. *bg*

I recognize it ;-) cloudless_9193 made it - sometimes I send her some I Spy screencaps and she chooses one or two to make a wallpaper from.

It's the episode "Vendetta", the last scene. I used it in my post:


Sorry for the random length of pics - I wasn't very experienced back then in 2011. It's the second from the bottom.

... Uh I just tried to click at the link again, and there is no screencap to be seen. LJ says "Access" denied". Hrmpf. Here it is:

Thanks. That was driving me crazy.