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cloudless_9193 in i_spy_fandom


I Spy A Day – by cloudless

Thank you potztausend for the screen cap and the inspiration!

Jigsaw Puzzle


Be my guest :-)
Oh kewl, I love puzzles! Thanks :)
Enjoy! :-)
A very special atmospere. Looks like under water.

I really like it!
potztausend said the same. Thank you!
Then it must be true! :-)
Ahh... I think I'll add the original pic in my comment so that everyone can see what you made out of it ;-)

You changed the mood completely. It isn't a dark one, but a strange and a bit weird one with a lot of atmosphere in a foreign world. I like the colours a lot and the way they and the acuity change in the wallpaper. Thanks a lot for this piece of art!

I Spy A Day called 4 Jaguar