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Watched Carmelita's One of Us

I've been hankering to watch I Spy again for quite a while, and in an effort to get a plot bunny (for a different fandom) I chose Carmelita's One Of US because it's always been a favorite of mine. Kelly and Scotty diapering the baby, milking the cow, it's fun.

Except, when watching for the plot, it's a hot mess. Kelly and Scotty are wonderful, as always. Carmelita's cute as a bug's ear, but the plot...it's so difficult to follow that I finally pulled out my I Spy book by Cushman and LaRosa. They completely agree that this episode is confusing and meandering further hampered by what they describe as the worst opening teasers of the whole series. So when your opener is so bad that the viewer basically can't follow what is being set up--throw in a cute baby and no one will care. *grin*

Apparently, Caremlita's father Rudy is working for the US government and has been hired to steal something from an enemy agent's purse (the beautiful Alma Rosa) and pass it to Kelly and Scotty. Except Carmelita's mother shows up, starts a fight that also includes one of the sellers in the marketplace. (this sequence is shot so piecemeal, it's not at all obvious that is what is happening.) Kelly tells Lupe, Carmelita's mother, to meet them in Guadalajara for reasons I cannot figure out still, and Alma Rosa's men go after Rudy. Luckily, the babysitter escapes with Carmelita, meets up with KellyScotty Robinson, and tries to hand over the baby. No slouches they, Kelly and Scotty go back to Rudy's house to investigate, and the babysitter follows them and gives them Carmelita. They find Rudy's body in their car and go on the lam.

I think you all know the rest. I really had never understood the plot before--and don't think Kelly and Scotty ever actually know what information they were supposed to retrieve, even after they figure out it's on the microdot hidden under a bandaid on Carmelita's derriere.

The dash across Mexico with baby on a burro is lots of fun. Hiding out in the convent is adorable--and I discovered a blooper not mentioned in the book I consulted! Scotty uses Kelly's white t-shirt to diaper Carmelita on the roadside and immediately, as babies do, she goes again. (being a baby nurse myself, I can tell you that this happens daily to me.) So Kelly tells Scott to use his orange t-shirt now--chortling with glee the whole time. Except, when they get to the convent and the nuns giggle over the t-shirt diaper, Carmelita's still sporting the white shirt, and Scotty is wearing his orange one.

Last but not least, the baby gets chicken pox, played for laughs in the mid-sixties, despite the fact that this is a serious disease, and could have been devastating for Kelly. Scotty returns the baby--and a pinata--to her mother without a single mention of dead daddy! An unsatisfying ending to the ep, since I'd have preferred Scotty nursing his Kel. Plus, I am still no closer to finding a reason for my two other fandom characters to end up with a baby to tote around in my fic.

I've got to watch Home to Vengeance or Anyplace I Hang myself is Home.


Ah, "Carmelita"… I don't remember anything of the plot but I remember that the baby had two spies as parents, and it was carried from A to B by Scotty and Kelly.

Hiding in the convent, hiding behind a cow, changing diapers… there were so much great scenes with them together!

I never discovered the blooper - I was so busy watching Scotty and Kelly holding hands I had no time to watch anything else *g*. (You are a sharp-eyed woman!)

"Any Place I hang myself is Home" - I *love* the last scene on the top of the tower between them - so much caring.

The holding-hand-scene:
I Spy Touching 3. Staffel08
Sweet picture! I like Any place I Hang myself partially because it's a marvelous episode and partially because I lived half my life in San Francisco and recognize all the places where they filmed.