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I Spy Trust Me made by me

potztausend in i_spy_fandom


It's been a long time since I posted I Spy screenshots.

More than a year ago I started to post only single screenshots of 1980 British series "The Professionals" on Fridays, and well… it wasn't enough. Soon I posted screenshots of one episode each Friday, and it took *really* a lot of time.

Now every Pros episode is done, and I just post one or two times a month a Professionals special theme with already existing screencaps.

Back then when I posted all those I Spy screencaps I learned *watching*, really looking at something, not only at two pretty faces and naked bodies *g*, but looking at walls, strange people, bad guys, pictures, furniture, and - watching in slow motion. Making the Professionals screenshots I learned more: changing pics, playing with black & white and with colours, inventing new and weird short stories to odd screencaps.

Now I have some more time and I missed our beloved spies! There are still some more topics to come (maybe there are some with a bit more skin ;-)

I Spy Costumes09

A wonderful scene - Kelly caring for Scotty
I Spy Costumes07

Bill Cosby… he often has (to my opinion) a bit a restrained body language as Scotty, but there are different scenes, too, and this is one of them. He just looks so cool and young ;-)
I Spy Costumes05

I Spy Costumes04

I Spy Costumes03

I Spy Costumes01

Lamardeuse wrote a spot-on story with an "alternate tag" to the episode, as she calls it: "The Way You Wear Your Hat".
I Spy Costumes02

Uh… he dressed himself up as Humphrey, didn't he?
I Spy Costumes06

A disguised statue
I Spy Costumes08

I Spy Costumes11

Looking for Scotty….
I Spy Costumes16

I Spy Costumes18

I Spy Costumes12

Ah, those legs ;-)
I Spy Costumes14

I Spy Costumes22

I Spy Costumes24

I Spy Costumes10

One of my all time favourite scenes! Kelly is so tender helping Scotty with his robe, and Scotty is patient and trustful.
I Spy Costumes17

I Spy Costumes17.1

I Spy Costumes17.2

I Spy Costumes19

I Spy Costumes13

I Spy Costumes15

I Spy Costumes21

I Spy Costumes23

I Spy Costumes20


The photo of "cool and young" Scotty is just as you describe! Wonderfulness. :)
There are only single pics with him like that, and only some pics with him smiling with teeth… I'm happy about everyone!
That was fun, seeing the many disguises. And the tenderness too. Thanks!
Maybe it was fun for them, too ;-).
Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like them!
Love these guys in their disguises!

I like the robe scene done three different ways.

LOL, that final scene always makes me chuckle. :)

P.S. Love the horse! I didn't know that Mr. Ed was a spy. ;)

Edited at 2014-01-09 05:56 pm (UTC)
It was a Spanish Mr. Ed from "Mainly in the Plains" *g*.

Scotty's body in the last one is… well… *stares a bit*
You have given me such an itch to pull out the I Spy DVDs. Where's the time?

Love seeing all their disguises.
You should scratch ;-).

I think it has been more than a year since I watched I Spy… such things have to change!